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Batter Up: It’s Time to Get Excited for Spring

Batter Up: It’s Time to Get Excited for Spring

Now that many in Ontario and Quebec have dug themselves out following last night’s winter storm, it’s time to think about sunnier skies, warmer climes and spring optimism.

There’s lots to look forward to this April.

Though definitely circled on my calendar, it’s not just the April 8th Blue Jays home opener. Let’s take a look at Associations 2025: CSAE’s look forward to what associations need to do to thrive in the decade ahead.

On April 19 in Toronto (14 days into Jays’ the regular season; four sleeps ‘till the AL MVP Josh Donaldson bobblehead giveaway), CSAE’s all-star line-up includes heavy hitters such as:

  • Alan Ward and Jack Shand from The Portage Group talking about how the next generation of customers will define value.
  • Bill Greenhalgh, CEO of Human Resource Professionals Association telling us what the workplace may look like in 2025. 
  • A discussion of the core issues surrounding what a non-for-profit facing the “perfect storm” must to do redefine itself in the future.
  • Cathy Cummings, CAE, Canadian Corporate Counsel Association and Project Manager of Canadian Bar Association talks leadership competencies. 
  • A very promising panel discussion featuring the CEO of eBay Canada, along with two association executives and a volunteer chief elected, on what it takes to win in the future. (Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with Jose Bautista’s contract status.)

All of the bases (haha) weren’t covered above. There’s more info on the event here:http://www.csae.com/Education-Events/Details/ArticleId/2419/Associations-2025-High-Performance-Associations-of-Tomorrow

See you there, or at the ballgame.



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