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Making the Most of CSAE News and Blog Content

Making the Most of CSAE News and Blog Content

Are You Tuned in to the CSAE News & Update Feed and / or Blog?


Did you notice that the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) rolled out two new resources in 2016 for keeping you up-to-date and informed?

The previous blog was replaced and relaunched under a new and improved format to deliver more value and accessibility to our readers. We are focused on addressing topics of interest to our audience in a relevant and convenient format and are open to feedback to continue improving into 2017.

The News & Updates feed is an entirely new tool for keeping members and non-members alike current on what CSAE is doing and offering. Unlike some websites that use their blog to deliver news and the like, we want to give you the choice of keeping the two separate. This allows you to benefit from the blog or news if you are not interested in one or the other without the two intermingling, but also makes what you are looking for easier to find.


Navigating the News and Blog

We strive to create and maintain a common taxonomy in both the News & Updates feed and Blog. By presenting the respective content within relevant categories along with standardized tags, you can click on either to only reveal the news or blog entries related to your selection.

The categories and tags are presented along the left side of both the News & Updates feed and Blog, for your convenience.


Subscribe to Simplify and Save Time

Subscribing to the CSAE News & Updates feed gives quick and easy access to CSAE announcements as they are made. A notice is sent to your email if you subscribe as each news post is made, saving you from having to visit the website on your own to ensure you don't miss out on something.

The new CSAE Blog works the same way, notifying you of new blog posts in your email as they are published to the CSAE website.

You can subscribe by entering the relevant information and selecting the "Subscribe" button as indicated in the accompanying image.


Keeping Notifications Out of Your Spam Folder

To ensure you receive your subscription notices instead of them being sent to your spam folder, whitelist the following email address: csae@csae.com. Click this link to learn how to whitelist an email using your specific email software.



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