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2017 Associations 2025 TrendTalks Open to Submissions

2017 Associations 2025 TrendTalks Open to Submissions

Associations 2025 Guidelines for TrendTalks Submissions

Brought to you by CSAE in Cooperation with The Portage Group


Associations 2025 is coming to Vancouver on April 3, 2017, and CSAE is seeking submissions to participate in this unique, popular event.


Help provide a look at what the future holds for associations in the decade to come. How will not-for-profit organizations adapt and manage these changes? Offer your expertise and ideas to help associations prepare and understand what's to come.


What Are TrendTalks?

A TrendTalk jams crucial insight into a 10-minute presentation resembling the "TEDTalk" format. Another 10 minutes for Q&As follow.


Whom Are We Looking For?

F10s (young professionals) under the age of 40 who are in the first ten years of their association careers in British Columbia and Alberta, this is your chance to be heard. You are the future of the association sector and will play a critical role in defining the decade ahead.

Take advantage of this opportunity by sharing your perspective with your fellow association executives.


Appropriate TrendTalk Topics

Significant trends and changes that will affect associations over the next decade include:

  • New approaches to addressing workplace issues.
  • How association will need to structure themselves.
  • Shifts in best practices and policies.
  • How associations can renew and revitalize themselves to remain relevant.
  • Maintaining association sector viability by utilizing Canada's diversity.
  • The changing and future role of associations—what will the landscape, workplace, and workforce be like in 2025?
  • The management competencies necessary to guide the success of future associations and their executives.
  • What needs to be done immediately to prepare for tomorrow.
  • Challenging current association sector norms that will not survive the future.


How Do You Submit Your TrendTalk Idea?

Email geeta@csae.com no later than Monday, February 6, 2017, to be considered for presenting a TrendTalk. Submissions must include:

  • Your name
  • Association name
  • Number of years you have been in the association sector
  • The proposed title of your TrendTalk presentation
  • Key issues your presentation will address
  • 100-word outline of the information you wish to share
  • Your presentation's intended format (PowerPoint, video, etc.)

Approved submitters will be notified the week of February 20.

Approved presentations must be completed and delivered to CSAE by Monday, March 27, 2017.

CSAE will provide required travel expenses to approved TrendTalk presenters.



F10s (Young Professionals), Submission


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