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Don't be Board Baffled -- Be BoardREADY

Don't be Board Baffled -- Be BoardREADY


Break the Board Baffled Cycle by Becoming BoardREADY


BoardREADY Card DeckThe BoardREADY Card Deck helps boards build their capacity to govern. This hybrid physical/digital product enables your board to access content to strengthen their performance before, during and after meetings. The 78 Cards contain information on an array of board governance issues with the intent of helping your board better understand its governance role.

A complete overview of the BoardREADY Card Deck topics can be accessed here.

CSAE also provides a free BoardREADY Newsletter here that provides board members and CEOs with advice and fresh ideas. You can also share your board-related thoughts and concerns with like-minded members of the CSAE BoardREADY Linkedin Group.

Tell us about the issues and challenges facing your board and we’ll provide you with an overview of how the Card Deck content addresses them. We are here to help you, your board and organization succeed!

Michael Anderson, CAE, President & CEO


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Michael Anderson, CAE, President & CEO



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  • We've been using the CSAE BoardREADY card deck since it was launched in April 2016. Our board is an early adopter and have shifted to super users. At each board meeting, we incorporate the card deck to help us have more strategic discussions prior to making informed decisions. Sometimes we use a single card or two that fit our agenda; at other times we choose a card sequence (4-5 interrelated cards). No matter which way we've used it, the board agrees - it elevates their thinking and makes our meetings more productive. If you've not yet taken the cards out of the box - start today. Choose one and explore.
    11/9/2016 9:58:29 AM Reply

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