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Call for Conference Photos and Videos

Call for Conference Photos and Videos

CSAE Staff at the Conference 2016 Gala

Did you take a lot of pictures at CSAE National Conference 2016?

Were you out on the Showcase floor snapping shots of what was going on around your booth or while you toured the floor?

Do you want to show off how sharply you were dressed at the Gala?

Were you shooting video no your smartphone because something happened you didn't want to forget?

If so, we are interested in having a look to see if we can incorporate your photos and videos into our post-Conference content. We want to see your perspective of this year's Conference and share it with everyone else, so send us those captured memories!

Please send any appropriate Conference photos or videos to steven@csae.com. Indicate who is in the photo, their organization, and where / when the photo was taken during Conference. (Please ensure everyone in the photo is okay with us sharing it online.) Not all images will be used, but we thank everyone in advance for being willing to offer us the opportunity to use them.



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