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Creating a Partnership Strategy: Working with Associations

Creating a Partnership Strategy: Working with Associations

Head's Up, CSAE Business Members

CSAE Webinar Session


Nov 02, 2016

Time/Heure: 2:00PM - 3:00PM

Location/Emplacement: Webinar; Toronto, ON

Audience: Business Members

Length: 60min

Single Registration / Inscription individuelle

Multi Registration / Inscription multiple


Profitable and sustainable partnerships are founded on strong relationships. Are you expecting big sales fast, without deep relationship deposits over time? What is your association partnership strategy? What do you offer associations that no one else can offer? Are your association relationships transactional expenses or transformational investments? Do your prospects see you as a service provider or a service partner?

In this session we will help you identify partnership strategies to meet more of your business goals, with less stress and fewer resources, and better results for you and your partners.

What you’ll learn:

  1. The 3 criteria for starting or keeping any partnership (strategic relationship)
  2. How to determine if your association partnerships are strategic
  3. How to determine which partnerships to dissolve
  4. How to determine if your prospects see you as an investment or an expense

Enette Pauzé, a leader in business partnerships, has worked with associations for more than 12 years as both a board member and service partner (provider). Her experience comes from leading provincial and national multi-stakeholder and cross-sector partnerships. She’s worked with global masterminds and provided training for partnership leaders globally and has also conducted primary partnership and collaboration research. She’s written articles, books and educational resources on the topics of partnerships, leadership, collaboration, and coaching.

Enette completed her PhD at the University of Toronto, specializing in organizational partnerships. She is a member of the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise, the Global Speakers Federation, and is completing her FEA designation with the Institute of Family Enterprise Advisors.

Join her.



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