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Cyberattacks: How Safe Is Your Association?

Cyberattacks: How Safe Is Your Association?

On March 22, 2018, Atlanta, GA, was the target of a cyberattack. Overnight, hundreds of city staff and officials lost access to information databases and their ability to collect some payments, while the Police Department was forced to revert to writing reports on paper. Several weeks and an estimated $2.7 million later, the city is struggling to get back on its feet and is now in the midst of a complete rebuild of its computer system.

This is just one example of the many cyberattacks that recently made the headlines, blocking computer systems and wiping off data around the world. Moving to ever larger targets, cyber extortionists were able to disrupt the operations of hospitals, local governments, natural-gas providers, businesses large or small, parts of Urkarine’s electric grid, and public agencies like the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. Even a petrochemical plant was attacked in Saudi Arabia.

Could these cyberattacks have been prevented? Yes. Solutions are available.

Is your organization knowledgeable about current risks to it systems and doing all it can to protect its data? The better prepared and informed you are, the less likely your organization is to be surprised (or harmed) by the unexpected. CSAE can help your organization be better prepared through its upcoming Cyber-Security for Associations webinar, which addresses strategies, processes, and goals that can help.

Act now so you don’t get hacked later.




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