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CSAE Trillium 8th Annual 2018 Winter Summit Education Program

CSAE Trillium 8th Annual 2018 Winter Summit Education Program

A Sneak Preview of the Education Program

(as of October 31, 2017)





Concurrent Sessions


Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data

Do you track members' data but lack the time to reflect and learn from it? This session will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to: create a responsible and manageable data strategy, understand the role of business intelligence and Big Data, and start with data analysis on limited time/budget.

Presented by Ben Losman, Tech Soup Canada



What Conflict of Interest?
Understanding Board Duties to Better Protect Your Directors and Your Association

During this interactive session with attendees there would be an overview of director and officer duties and obligations, including an update on current trends and concerns. There would be a focus on conflict of interest and confidentiality, with some anonymized real‐life examples of issues and suggestions for minimizing the risk of difficulties at the board table. Recent experience suggests that many association boards continue to struggle with directors' legal obligations and duties. This is a particular challenge in membership boards, where potential conflicts exist as a routine matter.

Attendees should leave the session knowing more about the duties of directors, the role of the board, how to identify actual, perceived and potential conflicts and how to maximize the time spent by volunteers on association matters.

Presented by Victoria Prince, Partner, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP



Your Secret Weapon to Inspire, Engage and Inform

This is without a doubt the age of content. Everyone from major brands to fledgling start‐ups are producing whitepapers, special reports, infographics, videos and other types of content. This makes it incredibly important to ensure you are producing the right content at the right time and delivering it to the right people. If you can get that right, content can be an incredibly powerful tool to attract new members and ensure your existing members get continuous value from your association.

In this engaging and interactive session, you will learn how to:

  • Create the content that will be most valuable to your audience
  • Ensure you are getting the biggest bang out of every piece of content you produce
  • Effectively market the content that you produce in a cost-effective manner
  • Map each piece of content to the stage in your member's journey
  • Grow your membership base with a combination of paid and free content
Presented by Kristy Sadler, CMO, EventMobi



New and Exciting Changes to Ontario and Federal Corporate Legislation

This session will review proposed changes contained in Bill 154 to amend the Ontario Corporations Act and Ontario Not-for‐Profit Corporations Act (ONCA), and how these changes affect Ontario corporations both before and after the ONCA comes into force. This session will also review updates of legislative changes and policies of Corporations Canada for federal corporations under the Canada Not‐for‐profit Corporations Act. With the delay in the proclamation of the ONCA, this session will also review key factors that should be considered when deciding whether Ontario corporations should be continued under the federal CNCA, as well as the continuance process.

After attending this session, participants will be able to understand the following:

  • New proposed changes to the Ontario Corporations Act in Bill 154 and how they affect Ontario corporations.
  • New proposed changes to the new Ontario Not‐for‐Profit Corporations Act in Bill 154 and how they will affect Ontario corporations when the new Act comes into force
  • New changes to the federal Canada Not‐for‐profit Corporations Act that affect federal corporations
  • Factors to consider whether Ontario corporations should go under the federal jurisdiction and the process of the continuance
Presented by Theresa Man, Partner, Carters Professional Corporation



Building Your Board Dream Team

As an association CEO, one of your biggest executive challenges is to ensure you have a highly productive board that delivers the leadership and governance that you need to take your association forward.

After attending this session, participants will be able to:

Takeaway 1: Know how to recruit the new talent you need on your board

Takeaway 2: Train directors to ensure they are productive quickly

Takeaway 3: Support directors and CEOs to deliver a great strategic plan and execute it

Presented by Erin Roberts, Partner, Zzeem



Adventures in Podcasting

Are you looking to enhance engagement and build a greater sense of community? If so, you might consider adding podcasting to your member engagement toolbox. Learn from one association’s adventure into the world of podcasting. This presentation will give you a frank and honest look at what it took to bring a podcast series to life, the unexpected challenges encountered, and lessons learned along the way. Spoiler alert: season two is already in production.

Presented by Michael Grant, Director Marketing and Communications, and Cathy Bouwers, Communications Professional, Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science



Customer Input Versus Data – Using and Reconciling Disparate Inputs to Make Sure Your Planning Hits the Mark

Traditional surveys and focus groups help articulate what our members and customers say they want and what their experience of us is. Data and analytics are increasingly used to understand customers’ actual behaviour. But too often one or the other – customer input or data – are over‐emphasized in strategic and business planning. To get an accurate picture of the current state and make sure that your planning hits the mark, surveys and data need to be harnessed, compared, and considered. This session will share the approach, tips, and learnings to make sure your planning incorporates both valued feedback and hard facts.

Presented by Kelly Duffin, President and CEO, Supply Chain Management Association Ontario



Leading Practices for Board Meeting Minutes

Every organization has its own style and expectations about the minutes of its meetings. Different types of meetings require different styles of minutes. This session will focus on the leading practices for minutes of meetings of boards and committees and how best to match those records to the needs of the organization.

Presented by Melinda Moore, Manager, Corporate Governance, Ontario Hospital Association



2017 HR Law Year in Review and Trends to Watch for in 2018

A new year usually brings feelings of renewal and opportunity. It’s a great time to reflect on the past year to set, evaluate and refine goals for the coming year. 2017 was a year of significant legislative activity that has resulted in a myriad of new compliance obligations that employers cannot ignore. This session will review the key developments in labour and employment law for 2017, will identify employment law trends to watch for 2018, and will explore effective strategies and best practices for employers to meet new compliance obligations and reduce workplace risks.

Presented by Laura K. Williams, Founder and Principal, Williams HR Law and Williams HR Consulting



“The Elephant in the Office” – Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the immediate help given to anyone who has, or who may be developing, a mental illness or a mental health problem.

MHFA gives participants the skills necessary to recognize, acknowledge and support individuals living with mental health concerns and helps to break down stigma related to mental health problems. The training provides HR professionals, frontline managers and employees with greater confidence in proactively responding to workplace stress and trauma.

This overview session will provide high level guidance on the use of MHFA training for your team and next step planning for establishing your program.

Presented by Cheryl Legate, President and Facilitator, Cheryl Legate & Associates



Follow the Leader – Planning Successful Leadership Transition

Leadership transitions can be complex and don’t always happen naturally or gracefully. In this session, we’ll discuss the realities of what it’s like to “follow a leader” in an Association and address how executives, along with their Board volunteers and staff, can avoid common mistakes and create the best plan possible for an effective transition to a successor. This session will interest participants contemplating a departure from their current leadership role, those who anticipate stepping into a top leadership position in the near future, or anyone who likes to see a really good plan operationalized.

Presented by Suzanne Clarke, Partner, Four Corners Group



Writing a Better Marketing Brief: How to Ensure Creative Teams Meet the Needs of your Association

There is a truth in marketing: better briefs make for better returns on investment. Yet most business people don’t devote enough time to them, trusting marketing partners and creative agencies to figure out what is needed. Often this is because they perceive that marketing is the realm of “creative” people, not business people. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This hands‐on, interactive workshop will teach business people the specific tools to identify and articulate your association’s needs in a way that will empower creative and marketing specialists to deliver real, lasting value to your organization.

Presented by Christine Saunders, President, Marketing Strategy Group



Board Portals: Case Study and Lessons Learned in Using an Online Virtual Boardroom

Beth Ann Kenny has been using an online virtual boardroom system (affectionately known as the vRoom) for about three years in support of various committees and groups in her role as Executive Coordinator for a number of collaborative organizations. These organizations’ boards and committees use the vRoom for communications in a discussion board format and to post and house documents securely. In a unique format, using video conferencing, Kevin Jackson will present, with Beth Ann live online via video, with a backup pre‐recorded video in case of technical glitches. Beth Ann will describe how she uses the vRoom in her day‐to‐day support of various committees.

After attending this session, participants will be able to:

Takeaway 1: visualize how they could use an online board/committee portal

Takeaway 2: feel more confident about trying a different approach to document management

Takeaway 3: think of situations where a similar tool could be used beyond board and committee work

Presented by Kevin Jackson, Senior Partner, bizZone Inc., and Beth Ann Kenny, CAE, President, SeaKat



Secrets, Lies and Untold Truths About: Sponsorship & Successful Tradeshow Exhibiting

Sponsorships are tough to come by and in many cases to hard keep. Tradeshows are key for business exchange and revenues yet we seem to be doing the same thing year after year. Join us for a high impact and honest discussion about secrets, lies and untold truths behind sponsorship and tradeshow exhibiting. This interactive session shall provide knowledge exchange opportunities amongst participants and explore what we are doing wrong and what we can do better. So many of us are facing the same challenges. What if we put our phones down and actually talked to one other to come up with solutions that we could all benefit from? Capture tips and trends and if you are interested in learning better ROI strategies for exhibiting at tradeshows or securing sponsors, this session is for you.

Presented by Sandra Moniz, CMP, Business Development Manager, Eastern Canada, Meetings + Conventions Calgary and Panel



Master the Magic of Leadership - An Exploration of Influence, Connection and Empowerment

Today’s leaders need the skills to connect to diverse groups of people, inspire them to work together for a common goal and help them believe that anything is possible. In this engaging program, Dan shows how leaders can build strong relationships and lead more effectively by applying the tactics and philosophies of professional magicians.

Presented by Dan Trommater, Chief Engagement Officer



Get to the Point: The End of Boring Presentations

Cut the noise, clear the clichés and get to the crux of what you are trying to say. Lauren Ferraro is here to show you how to move away from flowery jargon, outdated phrases and start facilitating communication that is accessible, coherent and refreshing. This workshop offers a fresh perspective on public speaking, and general presentation. The training covers five key areas that can make or break a presentation: Concept, Structure, Visual Support Materials, Transitions, and Vocal Sabotage. Information and exercises will be offered to refine your speaking style – tools and techniques to help you meet the demands of your industry.

Presented by Lauren Ferraro, Public Speaking Coach, Your Voice Unleashed



Critical Components of an Event Emergency Action Plan

Details pending.

Presented by Tony Porter, Director, Parking & Security Services, Exhibition Place





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