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CSAE BC September 2017 Newsletter

CSAE BC September 2017 Newsletter


Upcoming Events

CSAE-BC 2017/2018 Calendar of Event

  • 2017 Annual Holiday Event, Thursday, November 30th, 2017
  • 2018 CSAE-BC Annual Planning Session, January 27th, 2018, Kindly sponsored by
  • 2018 Lunch & Learn Event
  • 2018 Victoria Roundtable Event
  • 2018 MLA Panel Event, Date TBD



There is Value in Connecting Members

I've been very fortunate to be a business member of the Canadian Society of Association Executives for over ten years. My CSAE membership automatically came with my sales territory, which was mainly the Canadian not-for-profit sector. I soon learned that belonging to CSAE was more than just your usual membership. It was an excellent opportunity. Here are some learnings that I have had that you can apply when developing the value proposition for your members.

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Member Profile - Kelly Aslanowicz, Senior Manager, Business Development

Share with us the CPHR elevator pitch:

With more than 5700 members working at all levels of HR, our association provides resources, support and leadership to Human Resource professionals. We are the voice of the HR profession in BC and the Yukon.

What's the biggest challenge facing CPHR?

Speaking from a business development perspective, one challenge is that there is currently limited awareness of our association and our designation with those that hire and manage HR professionals. Human Resources plays such an important role in overall business strategy and culture. We want senior executives and business owners to understand the influential and important work our members do.  We also want them to know how having a Chartered Professional in Human Resources can profoundly affect their bottom line.

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Listen to Panel Interview: Engaging Members from Millennials to Boomers

Is your association doing a great job of engaging with every cohort from your Boomers to your Millennials? Or does it seem like it's hard to attract millennial members and hard to get them engaged with the association? Perhaps you've been told that millennials only want to engage with their devices? The truth may surprise you. Tune in to this webinar panel interview with millennial leaders.

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Engaging Members; from Millennials to Boomers (Webinar Panel) from Zzeem on Vimeo.


Network News

Welcome to New Members

Virginia Coles, CFA Society Vancouver
Executive Director l email

Carrie Dick, Simply Eventful Management Inc.
Principal l email

Nikola Fischerova, Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement
Association Administrative Assistant l email

Tyler Foley, Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver
Sales Manager l email

William Johnson, Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association
Communications and Events Manager l email


Industry News

The Collaboration That Put a Suicide-Prevention Message on the Road

The chart-topping rapper Logic's latest hit is striking for a few reasons. For one thing, its title, "1-800-273-8255" is unusual for a pop song. But this specific phone number, for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, underlines both the intent of the song, which also features Alessia Cara and Khalid, and the hard-to-ignore emotions that went into the tune. And in the midst of National Suicide Prevention Week, taking place September 10-16, the song has become a top-five hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

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Membership Hack: Pay-What-You-Can Members

How to hack it? This year, SHAPE America, the largest U.S. association of health and physical education professionals, tested a bold membership offer: SHAPE allowed prospects to pay what they can in dues. "It's a pretty revolutionary idea," says Senior Membership Manager Matt Rankin, CAE. Members could opt in to a free digital-only, open-access membership, or they could name their price.

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4 Words That Matter When "Selling" Your Association

When marketing your association, are there any words you find yourself using over and over? What terms resonate with people? What phrases are actually effective? Well there's a lot out there about marketing and persuasion, but here are four words you may want to consider when "selling" your association.

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How Data Analytics Can Guide Higher Education and the Future Workforce

The majority of Americans, or 97%, believe in higher education and, in the past year, approximately 47% have thought of going back to school. In today's world, landing a good-paying job with excellent prospects for advancement is the common goal of many -- from parents to high school graduates and to professionals already in the work force. Yet, we have found that the primary concern of business owners is hiring applicants with solid work experience.

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