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CSAE Canadian Association Financial Operations Report is Here

CSAE Canadian Association Financial Operations Report is Here


The CSAE Canadian Association Financial Operations Report is the most detailed available resource for important data points in Canada's association sector such as:

  • Revenue Sources (e.g., membership, events)
  • Operating Expenses (e.g., governance costs)
  • Assets (e.g., inventories)
  • Liabilities
  • Event Breakdown
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Membership Services
  • ... and plenty more!

The report's data is segmented by geography, organization type, and size. This allows you to better relate the report's findings to your own organization based on these key demographics. If you need to conduct an audit, are budgeting, need some strategic planning assistance around revenue streams, need to benchmark your expenses, need to improve your marketing but don't know how much to spend, or have any other number of operational financial issues you need some benchmark references regarding, this report is for you.

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