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Apply for Trillium Gives Back 2017

Apply for Trillium Gives Back 2017


The Trillium Gives Back (TGB) Program provides an opportunity for the CSAE Trillium Chapter to recognize and support the efforts of its members (both executive and business) through volunteer recognition and education.


One of the components of the TGB program provides scholarships for members placing emphasis on members attending CSAE Trillium Chapter Events, CSAE National Events in Ontario or enrolled in the CAE® program.

This year, up to eleven $500 TGB scholarships will be awarded to executive members and up three $500 TGB scholarships will be awarded to business members. The application deadline is February 24, 2017.

I strongly urge you to apply and make the most out of your membership. Please note you do not have to be a volunteer with the Trillium Chapter to receive this scholarship. It is for all TC members to apply and as a relatively new member this is an excellent opportunity for you to engage and participate in all that the Trillium Chapter offers.

Good luck in your application and please let me know if I can help you in any way.


Tracy Blyth, CAE
Executive Director
CSAE Trillium Chapter







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