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Good News CSAE Members! Exciting New Offer from UPS

Good News CSAE Members! Exciting New Offer from UPS

Good News ASSN Members! You can now save 40%* on UPS® shipping services!


In today’s ever-changing marketplace, Canadian Society of Association Executives understands your need to save time and money. That is why we have leveraged the buying power of our members to deliver even better savings on the shipping products and services that can help move your business forward.

Remember, this offer is exclusive to Canadian Society of Association Executives members. By enrolling in our UPS® Savings Program you can start saving 40% today – no matter how much you ship, when you ship or where it’s going!

To enroll, visit: www.membersbenefitprogram.com/csae

Or Call: 1-800-MEMBERS, M-F, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., ET

*all eligible shipping services to include domestic and international imports and exports.



Not yet a CSAE member? Click on the button below




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