Pinnacle Award - for Executive Members

The Pinnacle Award is designed to recognize exceptional and outstanding leadership and represents a very significant milestone in an executive member’s career. Recipients have achieved prominence for the credit they bring to association leadership and the association community.


  • CSAE voting member for at least five years
  • Association staff member for at least five years
  • Employed full-time as association staff within the past 12 months
  • Self-nominations are permitted


The nominee is an accomplished leader and is committed to leadership excellence in association management. The nominee has demonstrated leadership qualities within his/her own association over the past five years or more, contributed to other voluntary organizations and the community-at-large, and to CSAE at both the local and national levels.

Submission Requirements

  • Nominee information
  • Nominee's Record of Achievements
  • Current CV for nominee
  • Three letters of Support/Testimonials - one of which must be from a current CSAE member (this includes the nominator's letter
  • Narrative (250-500 words) explaining why the nominee is deserving of this Award

Download the 2017 Pinnacle Award Application form now. The deadline for submissions is July 14th, 2017 at 5PM (EDT). All documents must be emailed in PDF format along with the completed application form to

Past Recipients

2016 – Jack W. Davidson, CAE
2015 – Colleen MacDougall, CAE
2014 – MiChel G. Tremblay, CAE
2010 – H. James Duncan
2009 – Signe Holstein, CAE
2007 – Ed Barisa, CAE
2006 – John Hoyles
2005 – John Gustavson
2003 – Patrick D. Darrah
2002 – Diane J. Brisebois, CAE
2001 – Denise Turenne
1999 – Dave Mikkelesen, CAE

1997 – William (Bill) C. Easton, CAE
1996 – Dean H. Wilson, CAE
1995 – E. R. (Ron) Evason
1994 – Donna Mary Shaw
1993 – John C. Gillies, CAE
1991 – H. Clifford Chadderton, CAE
1990 – Ghislain M. Dufour
1989 – Thomas M. Ross
1988 – Alasdair John McKichan
1986 – John A. Long, CAE
1985 – J.F. (Jack) McCracken

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