CSAE Board Reports 2016

The CSAE Board of Directors values sharing information regarding its processes and practices with members, stakeholders, and the general public alike.

CSAE National Conference 2016 Board of Directors Panel

CSAE Board of Directors 2016 Panel

On Wednesday, October 26th of the CSAE National Conference 2016, the Board of Directors presented an informative panel intended to update and inform members and stakeholders on the status of several on-going experiments and strategies. These experiments and strategies are aspects of the continuing Business Model Transition process.

Part 1: BoardREADY Card Deck

Panelist: Lori Prospero
Role: CSAE Secretary-Treasurer

Following the introduction by Past Chair Guy Legault, Lori Prospero opened the panel on the topic of the BoardREADY Card Deck.

Part 2: Ottawa-Gatineau F10 Experiment

Panelist: Christina Mash
Role: CSAE Volunteer

Christnia Mash, CAE, discusses what was learned from conducting the local Ottawa-Gatineau F10 Experiment.

Part 3: Transition Team

Panelists: Stephen Carroll, CAE, and Thomas Kriens (et al)
Role: CSAE Trillium Chapter Past-President, and CSAE Vice-Chair (respectively)

Thomas Kriens and Stephen Carroll of the CSAE Transition Team discuss the status of changing from a Chapter to Network model.

Part 4: Content Strategy

Panelist: Michael Anderson, CEO
Role: CSAE President and CEO

Michael Anderson presents the current status and on-going plans for the CSAE Content Strategy.

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